"Post-Punk you can trip out to."

  Pearls Before Swine  :  Reviews 

-  Ox Fanzine #170  -

"conjure up distortion curtains almost like The Jesus and Mary Chain once did and rely on this fascinating way of creating a manic driving beat using bass and drums. If someone had sold me Off Contact as Northampton, ca. 1982 (order NYC 1987), I believed it in the end and couldn't have been further away from the reality of Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2022. A classic sound, detached from place and time." - Joachim Hiller

Thoughts, Words, Action   -

"Their attention to detail, striking chord progressions, mesmerizing melodies, and the seamless blending of genres make Pearls Before Swine a captivating musical experience." 
 "The basslines bring a rich complexity that complements the intricate guitar work, while the moderate rhythmic structures, accentuated beats, breaks, and percussive acrobatics add depth and variety to every track."
 "Off Contact’s seamless fusion of post-punk and shoegaze creates a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly unique. While they pay homage to the genres’ roots, they also bring a modern sensibility that feels distinctly their own."
"Pearls Before Swine is an album that demands uninterrupted listening, immersing the audience in a world of ethereal beauty, anchored by the finest properties of post-punk, art-punk, goth rock, indie, and shoegaze."

-  Razorcake  -

"Good stuff from stem to stern that’s gonna sound even better to these ears once fall starts to morph into winter." –Jimmy Alvarado

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